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My 2019 Round Up

I thought I would do a 2019 round up of my running year because as I was running today on one of my final runs for 2019, I was reflecting and couldn’t believe how much has happened this year in regards to lessons learnt, achievements, races, PBs and my love for running. .

If you told me this time last year that in a years time I would’ve done 3 Ultras, got a PB marathon/half marathon/5K and signed up for a 6 day ultra in the desert for 2020 - I would’ve laughed at you… so it's crazy to see what a year does and the difference it makes!

Going into my second year of running and races, I had no expectations of what the year was going to be. And to be honest after the marathon in October 2018, I found it really hard to get back into it and for a while lost my mojo after hitting the wall so badly at 23 miles. This was however only short lived and so I wanted to write this post to prove to anyone who is unsure that you really can do anything you set your mind too!

So I thought I would make a list of things I learnt this year and I hope it is a help to others:

- It’s all about your head game and how you motivate yourself. I’ve realised that mental toughness is just as important as the physical side especially over longer distances.

- Gels are your friend. They really are rocket fuel. Although, I don’t recommend fuelling an entire marathon with gels, the stomach cramps are real… mix some real food in there!

- You make the best friends. Running is a community filled with like minded people.

- Recovery is just as important as the running. True story! Rest is best, listen to your body.

- Coaches are amazing and so worth it if you want to take your journey further. They are also great for lifting you when things don’t go to plan.

- Do it because you love it and PBs and achievements are the reward.

- Everyone has bad run days but so what! All part of the journey. Don’t linger on the bad ones, just move onto the next one.

- Finally, trust the progress. Easy runs make you faster, tapering does work and running science is real!

Huge thanks to my coach Sarah and Ben who inspire me every day to run better and help with all the training plans, advice and support.

And to my dad and best friends and family I could ask for! Hope everyone has a lovely new year and will see you in 2020!

2020 lineup so far:

Feb: Pilgrim Challenge 66m

March: Trail Monkey Half Marathon

April: Marathon Des Sables

May: Trail Monkey Double Top Ultra 40m (if legs recovered from MDS)

October: Chicago Marathon

2019 in Pictures

March: Trail Monkey Half Marathon / Arundel with Leanne / Spring fun on the North coast

May: Trail Monkey Double top (First Ultra 40 Miles - 3rd woman) / Running in St Lucia

June: Running in Thailand

April-September: Representing the EY team in the Canaccord cup (5k PB: 20:50)

August: Round the Rock (Second Ultra 46 Miles - Second Woman)

September: Half Marathon PB (1:38:39) / Disney Half Marathon

October: Marathon PB (3:24:38)

October: Lanzarote Heat Training with the best dad

November: Wendover Woods 50 (Third Ultra 50 Miles)

December: First Park Run on Christmas Day

Have a Happy New Year Everyone! Happy Running!

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